Turk Akbay Teacher, Speaker & Coach - TEDxAlmansorPark
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Turk Akbay TEDxAlmansorPark Speaker 2019
TEDxAlmansorPark Speaker



TEDxAlmansorPark 2019 Speaker | Teacher, Speaker & Coach.


Turk Akbay is an entrepreneur, consultant, uplifter, and most of all a teacher.


He was a born seeker and learned early on that his inquisitive mind did not fit the social norms of his home country. His curiosity often got him into trouble, but that did not stop him from seeking the truth. He spent most of his formative years labeled an outcast, feeling like a round peg in a square world.


Turk took to heart the wise words of his spiritual teacher, “words don’t teach, life experience does”, and has been collecting life experiences since.


After immigrating on his own to the US as a teenager, Turk dedicated his life, first, to quieting his own inner demons, then, helping others reach their full potential by self-actualizing their internal greatness.


Turk has a natural gift of viewing and experiencing life and expressing it in ways that bring his audience into new perspectives. He has an easeful ability to evoke high level thinking in a down to earth way that is both light and humorous.


As a speaker, he views his talks as co-creative experiences with his audience. Instead of telling people what to do, he challenges their beliefs by exploring new thought ideas, allowing the audience to discover for themselves their own truth.


Audiences are left with a new awareness and appreciation for life and are inspired to reach for more of the life they desire.


Turk is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, co-founder of Peace of Mind CBD and Infinity’s Door, Founder of Off Leash Dog Training and Dog Owner’s Academy, and the Inventor of Subliminal Coaching.