Melissa Drake Master Collaborator, Consultant, Brand Developer, Speaker. - TEDxAlmansorPark
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Melissa Drake TEDxAlmansorPark Speaker 2019
TEDxAlmansorPark Speaker

Melissa Drake


TEDxAlmansorPark 2019 Speaker | Master Collaborator, Consultant, Brand Developer, Speaker.


With 25 years of hardcore corporate experience in the insurance industry, Melissa is a consistent force, rapidly climbing the ranks to positions of leadership. With a core focus centered around marketing, business analysis, and team development, Melissa prefers the “carrot over the stick,” honing in on intrinsic success motivation, believing each contributor has something of value to move results forward.


Why you should listen

Melissa’s corporate expertise is coupled with more than 10 years of entrepreneurship and multiple successful business endeavors. As an entrepreneur, Melissa is fearless in collaboration and employs her preferred methods of connection—love and compassion—to see the big picture, connect the dots, and bring vision to reality.


Melissa is a certified life coach who prefers a hug to a handshake and has been known to dance with clients—while letting integrity lead. Her authenticity, approach, experience, and passion has been instrumental in the development of an extensive and loyal network of friends and co-creators who call her a friend.


At her core, Melissa desires each person she connects with to achieve the results they desire. And this is what makes her unique. She’s armed with knowledge, resources, experience, solutions, passion, and inspiration to not only dream big, but make dreams come true.


What others say

“With her unique style and ability to rapidly connect with and understand the vision of her clients, Melissa has helped with everything from client acquisition to product development, and has been instrumental in our ability to achieve results for our collaborative projects. Melissa’s passion and energy is matched only by her smile and authenticity and we are proud to call her a friend.” – Mendi Baron, Erez Safar, co-founders, Bancs Media